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We have installed new equipment to help keep our patients and staff safe. Our improvements include:

To Our Wonderful Patients,                                                                                        JUNE 2, 2020

We would like to thank you for being just that-wonderful and patient.

Reflecting back just a few months, one could never have imagined a world such as we are living in now.

For dentistry in particular, this is a trying time, as our profession is one that is extremely high risk due to the aerosols created during treatment. 

For this reason, our office has implemented many new safeguards for our employees and for you, our patients.

Firstly, you will see all of us wearing more PPE (personal protective equipment). In fact, we may look like we are practicing dentistry on Mars.
We have taken the opportunity to have additional equipment installed in our office.

These additions include:

  • HEPA air filtration
  • High volume suctions in each operatory (A device that sits a few inches away from the patients mouth and collects aerosols)
  • Ionizing Unit in the HVAC ductwork (works to create ions that attach and kill the virus throughout the office)
  • Enhanced cleaning (fogging the entire operatory) between each patient visit 
  • Software to allow for the filling out of patient forms online and the ability to make online payments

We are tentatively planning, under the governor's reopening guidance, and with office enhancements securely in place, to reopen the office in late June.

We have not been able to set a definite date or schedule appointments as of yet, as per the governor, that date is contingent on numbers and science. 

There is also some discussion on the state level of requiring patients to undergo COVID testing 48 hours prior to a dental visit.

We are looking forward to our office reopening and being able to provide you with ongoing care. We do not want to augment the current health crisis with a second one; loss of dental health.
Because we have canceled approximately 1000 dental appointments since we closed on March 16, when we do begin rescheduling appointments, we are prioritizing those patients in most need of dental care to be seen first.

These include emergency appointments, and hygiene appointments for patients with periodontal disease. Patients with periodontal disease who were canceled in the last 3 months will be booked for the earliest reopening appointments.    

Because of this prioritization, and due to longer appointment times (we will seeing approximately 35% less patients during the day compared to prior to the virus, due to limitations from our ppe and time spent fogging the rooms), you may see a delay in getting in for your normal 6 month hygiene appointment.

Many insurance companies are taking this into consideration and changing their 6 month recall appointment policy to instead allow 2 hygiene visits in a calendar year.
If you are a patient with an existing prior-scheduled appointment in June, July, August, and September, you will most likely be asked to reschedule that appointment to a later date.

We apologize for this, and we hope that you understand.

We are working on the possibility of expanding our office hours and hiring an additional hygienist to be able to accommodate everyone in a timely manner. 

Thank you again for your support and patience. We miss each and every one of you and we hope that we will be seeing you all soon!

Please take care.

We are fogging our treatment rooms between every patient.

We produce an in-office eco-friendly fogging solution that has been proven to kill coronavirus in 5 seconds! 

Alen air purifiers with TRUE HEPA filtration-3 air purifiers have been installed in every operatory, as well as in the waiting room.

The air is turned over in every operatory every 6 minutes.

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IWave ionizer in our HVAC System.

The ion particles created by this device attach to viruses and inactivate them by pulling out their hydrogen molecule.