Our office works to decrease its impact on the environment in our daily practices: 

We compost all patient rinse cups in an electric composter. None are going into a landfill.

Our x-rays are digital
90% less radiation to our patients and no harmful developing chemicals of which to dispose.


We use lead-free aprons when taking patient x-rays.

 We use steam-based sterilization with no chemicals.

Our office uses only latex-free gloves.

We use sterilizable stainless steel suction tips rather than disposable plastic tips.

Instead of using plastic one-use headrest covers, bibs, and light 
handle covers, we use cloth, which is washed on-site in our energy efficient washer.
 - Our sterilization pouches are FDA-approved and reusable. These acts alone will divert from the landfill approximately 15,000 pieces of non-recyclable plastic from our office annually.

The toothbrushes we give our patients are made from recycled yogurt containers or bamboo. 

Keurig K-cups are separated and recycled

Our office is all-digital. This reduces paper consumption for patient records.

Whenever possible, bills are paid, insurance claims, and communication is made electronically.

When we do use paper, it is eco-friendly and tree-free.

The office itself was constructed with the environment in mind:

 -Our rugs are made from 43-47% recycled content.
-Our waiting room furniture has been re-purposed from a previous business.
-Our walls are painted with environmentally-friendly (low VOC) paint.
-The lights in our office are on motion sensors to save energy.

At Linda Robinson Dental, we strive to help our patients achieve their best dental health in an atmosphere that is warm, friendly, professional and comfortable, with customized treatment for each patient. We care for our patients as we would a member of our own family. We love it when our patients have great dental experiences.

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