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Linda Robinson, DMD was born in Boston, Massachusetts.

She attended Case Western Reserve University, graduating with Bachelor

Degrees in English and Chemistry. She then attended Tufts University, where

she received her DMD.

Dr. Robinson's 28 years of hands-on experience and continuing education

contribute to her expertise in dental restorative procedures, root canal

therapy and cosmetic care.  She aspires to be a dentist who makes a

difference in happy and healthy smiles.

Dr. Robinson is a caring professional who is genuinely committed to helping patients keep or restore their dental health. She welcomes patients who, as a result of dental anxiety, have not been regular with their dental care. "I want to help people who are self-conscious about their teeth to smile freely, and will comfortably eliminate any dental pain or discomfort they have because they have been afraid to visit the dentist."

She resides in Granby, MA with her husband, Mike, and 5 dogs, and foster dogs.  You may speak to Mike when you call the office-he left the news business after 20 plus years, and is now helping patients at the front desk!


Registered Dental Hygienist

Linda Robinson



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Registered Dental Hygienist


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